Lapis Business App

Lapis Business is easy to use wellness club management application which helps to manage sales, booking and training operations for club owners, club managers, receptionists, and personal trainers.


User research, problem definition, UX/UI design, industrial design, art direction.


This project took place over 3 months between January and March, 2019


Product Designer


Lapis Business in sports clubs, qualified instructors, receptionists and managers are forced to work in front of the computer because of desktop-focused management softwares and cannot take an active role in the field during these operations. This reduces member satisfaction, negatively affects sales and increases the costs of workers provided to meet the demand.


To understand who I was designing for, I made phone calls with five personal trainers. I found patterns in users’ perceptions and collected my findings in the form of a persona.


To make personal trainers and managers more engaged in the salon, we have redesigned this software and adapted it into a mobile app. This way, personal trainers and managers can work on membership and booking tasks while engaging with members. Thus, we increased the service sales in the gym and increased member satisfaction.


I started by creating user flows and wireframes to capture the application’s primary task of recording a story.


Lapis Business was the first project I designed with Adobe XD.
I understood the problems experienced in wellness clubs and why personal trainers could not work efficiently in the field.